Sleep Well  Herbal infusion oil

It is a herbal oil infusion made from pure fresh herbs in a natural energy enhanced way without the loss of herbal properties. This herbal oil act as a nerve rejuvenating tonic and cures neurological problems by  strengthening neurons and improving nerve conduction.

21 types of herbal leaves, Vegetable oil base, added natural perfumes and natural  floral colours.


  • It  controls neuronal conduction defects.
  • It  controls shaking of limbs, head.
  • It controls head ache due to any stress, emotions.
  • It cures internal fear for any age groups,
  • It prevents and cures loss of memory at any age.
  • It improves intellect and memory power.
  • It cures nervous tension/pain, stress, confusion and promotes good sleep.
  • In general it cures insomnia (restlessness/sleeplessness) which occurs around the age of 40 years.


  • In general this oil can be recommended for persons who are having internal fear, tremor, feeling frightened, limbs shaking/shivering, frequent tension and uncontrolled emotion,
  • And also can be recommended to persons with above health problems associated with sexual disability.
  • Insomnia-restlessness, persons who lost sleep at night and those who doesn’t get sleep without any sleeping pills will be cured effectively and can stop sleeping pills and makes one free from the side effects of sleeping pills.
  • It is highly recommended to cure memory loss and also to improve intellect activities for any age group by improving neuronal conduction and strengthening.
  • Persons who lost sleep because of work tension, problems with uncontrolled emotions, mentally disturbed, mentally tired will get relaxed.
  • So it is highly recommended for students and officers for memory loss and stress.
  • It can also be recommended for congenital neuronal defect such as drooling  effect, improper functioning of limbs,  improper in learning,
  • It can also be recommended for epilepsy, head ache only due to stress/emotions, Alzheimer disease- will give permanent remedy on prolonged use.


  • This herbal infusion oil is used only for external application only, This oil is applied over the head in drops over the skin of the head using the dropper bottle given with.
  • Use only at night before bed time, no need to wash head in the every morning, can wash head as you wish once in three days or a week time.


  • Strengths hair follicles
  • Prevents hair fall.
  • Cools brain and enhances sharp thinking and memory.

***NOTE: No sedative drug  related compounds were added