Sidha remedies for gout

Gout is a painful condition which affects the joints because of presence of uric acid crystals in joints causes inflammation of the joints.

During metabolism, uric acid and its components are formed. In gout, due to higher levels of uric acid in the blood it leads to the formation of microscopic crystals which is stored in the joints. This process slowly leads to inflammation of joints which again leads to pain, fever and stiffness.

Causes for increased uric acid level in the blood and gout

1. Heredity
2. Obesity
3. Sedentary lifestyle and a lack of walking
4. Lack of proper exercises
5. Consumption of fatty foods and animal protein
6. Eating foods that cause burning during digestion
7. Consumption of incompatible foods
8. Not having sufficient sleep
Exposure to cold weather
10. High alcohol intake

11. Diabetes.
l2. High intake of food like liver, kidneys, sweetbreads ,tongue, red meat, Shellfish, fish peas, lentils and beans. These foods contain purines.

13. A few drugs used to treat high blood pressure.

14. Some of the conditions that can lead to the gout disorder are

  1. Surgery or injury
  2. Stress
  3. Reaction to alcohol and drugs including prescription medicines.
  4. kidney disorders
  5. Enzyme deficiencies
  6. Lead poisoning
  7. Psoriasis
  8. Anaemia
  9. A condition known as pseudo gout or false gout is similar to gout but less painful and is caused by calcium crystals in the joints. It generally afflicts people age 60 and up.

Signs and symptoms

The characteristic feature of this disease is the involvement of the big toe in the beginning which becomes acutely painful and swollen. Gradually, other joints are involved and the patient experiences difficulty in walking and sometimes even moving.

Symptoms include:

a. Inflammation
b. Swelling
c. Tenderness in the affected joint
d. Touching or moving the joint is extremely painful
e. Unbearable pain (as if cutting the joint)

f. Burning sensation


Sidha treatment involvees in two main pathways first thing involves in dissolving of uric acid crystals from the deposits in joints, secondly the metabolic system is activated by using unique herbal system to prevent the formation uric acid crystals , Thus our unique herbal system completely cures GOUT.


Freshly harvested rice and wheat should not be given to the patient.

Old rice, wheat, mung dal, meat soup, garlic, onion, bitter gourd, papaya, apple and green banana can be taken by the patient.

Curd, any other form of sour food, heavy food and fried things are not allowed to take.

Other Important conditions:

The patient should not perform any violent exercise. He should not sit idle either. Exposure to cols wind and rain and cold bath are strictly avoided.