Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis – wear and tear of neck joints, accidental damage may cause spondylosis.


Symptoms include morning stiffness in neck, increased pain when sitting for long periods, more pain on extremes of movement, postural problems. Muscle spasm and neck stiffness is very common, but there can be referral of symptoms into the shoulders and sometimes radiating down into the arm, forearm, hand and fingers. Occasionally there are referred symptoms that radiate into the lower limb.


In severe cases there is sufficient pressure on the nerve rots to lead to sensory loss, tingling or numbness, with muscle weakness in the limbs. Spondylitis can affect any joint in the spine, with the cervical spinal joints being affected due to their multi axial movement patterns.

Many factors can increase the risk of spondylitis, including:-

Age: as one gets older we are less able to repair the damage cause to joints through daily activities.

Activity Level: sleeping or Sitting for long periods, especially in a poor position, increases the potential damage to the cervical spinal joints, ligaments and musculature.

Injury: past injury makes a person more susceptible to future cervical spondylitis.


X- Rays and scans can sometimes show “wear and tear”


Treatment involves use of herbal medicine to rejuvenate the cervical disc, and application of medicated oil strengthens muscular and ligament weakness.